171 Terrazzo Lane
May 12, 2021
6000 Wild Horse Valley Road
May 12, 2021
Exert from email we sent you.

Hello Cynthia,

I am following up on an online request we received when you responded to our "Get a Cash Offer" advertisement. The AVM* is $880,550 and our Estimated Cash Offer (ECO)** is $643,000.
This basically represents roughly 70% of what we believe the current market value is. It is what our cash investors would be willing to pay. This does not, however, represent what we believe we can sell the home for. Please continue...
You have a great home in a very desirable area of Calistoga. Without seeing the home and or knowing if there are any upgrades etc. I would think you could expect between $925,000 and as much as $1,400.000 if we marketed and sold the property. This could very well include an all cash offer. There simply is not a better time to sell and beat what might be looming as a market correction both with the potential of the economy falling apart and or if more sellers start selling prices will go down. I believe we have truly peaked in values. 
If you are interested in selling please give me the opportunity to interview for the job. I think you will find our Marketing is top notch and generates lots of interest. We have a network of over 130,000 agents worldwide and our advertising reaches all of the Bay Area. In the last 12 months we have sold over 250 homes. We can sell your. Learn more about us here.

Neighborhood Data - Attached
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4770 Petrified Forest Road, Calistoga, CA  - Valuation Report 5/9/2021

The highest sale we have in your neighborhood is 5148 Sharp Road. Which at $1,495,000 represents the high side of values and then we have 260 Franz Valley School Road which sold for $800,000. This home needed a complete remodel inside.  Depending on condition and if your home has been recently updated your home will fall somewhere in between these values. . See all comparables online here
I do not agree with Zillows value given you have over 6 acres of land I believe the value should be higher.
Download Entire Comparative Market Analysis here
Call me with any questions and or if you are ready to get started with the selling process. 


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"The Elite Partners were extremely helpful, friendly, and very patient with us. they explained the entire process in great detail, did a fantastic job showing the house, and even offered to help to watch our dog while showing the house. We felt that they were always looking out for our best interests. Once the house was sold they also helped us find a short-term rental in the area. Incredible service. Thank you so much!"

-Denise Matteo