SOLD 01/07/2021
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Welcome to Paradise Valley

SOLD | 753 Emerald Hills Circle, Fairfield

3 Bedroom | 2 Baths | 1,958 sq. ft. $585,000

Many agents talk about how fast “they” sold a home. In fact if a home sells to fast could a seller be leaving money on the table. We truly belive the most effective way and the most successful way to sell a home is to bring maximum exposure to the property. When an agent takes a listing and during the coming soon phase the home sells again we have to ask ourselves did the home get the maximum exposure and really sell at top dollar. 

Here at the Elite Partners we pride ourselves on selling homes most efficiently and for top dollar. Our average home sells within 30 days and always for the maximum amount. Allowing a home to gain exposure over the course of at least two weeks is a good plan. New buyers come to market everyday. and getting multiple offers does not mean you have the best price and or terms. Allowing a large pool of buyers to compete always generate the very best offer and terms. This home was sold from listed to closed within 30 days. We have 5 offers and accepted the one that had the most favorable terms for our seller. We can do the same for you. Below you will find our success story on what we did to achieve this great sale. 

How We SOLD This Home

After consulting with the owners we strategized a plan to pay careful attention to the details on arranging the furnishings and setting the stage with a little paint and simple decor. We had the entire home professionally photographed and HD4K drone ariel photos taken as collateral to create the marketing brochure, booklet, and home amenity one-sheet. 


The Elite Partners believe that first impressions make a huge difference. We want every impression consumers see when considering your home to see the value, to understand the story of the home. We strive to create a story for every home that allows the consumer to imagine what it might be like living in your home. What the neighborhood and community are like and most importantly why your home is so special. We don’t place cheap paper flyers in the brochure box, we design striking elegant high-end brochures for all our properties. When a consumer comes in touch with your home and their first impression is grabbing a brochure from the box attached to your sign, they are wowed at the velvet touch and sophisticated layout designed to show off your homes best qualities

Marketing Brochure For Flyer Box

We spend money to market your home. Most agents only put your home on the multiple listing service and install a sign on your property and hope it sells. Our 19 point selling strategy ensures we find buyers. Our 130,000 RE/MAX agent network, our local network of agents and consumers throughout the Bay Area give us access to their attention and we send them via email, property emails delivered to every agent in the Bay Area, we advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Google and gain thousands of impressions through the course of selling your home. We are able to pinpoint consumers who have visited sites like Zillow,, in the last 30 days and get your home’s ad right in front of them numerous times. It’s not rocket science but it is science and understanding how to effectively reach buyers in today’s complex marketing arena is a strong advantage for us. 

500 Postcards Delivered To The Neighbors

Social Media Posts on Facebook and Instagram

We focus on the End Results! In the case of 753 Emerald Hills Circle after an effective marketing strategy, we SOLD this home in  17 Days with multiple offers. We closed on time and the process was without issues. 

If you are thinking of selling in the future we would love to be your REALTORS! We will work hard, fast, and efficiently at telling your home’s story. It’s what we do best. We are not just real estate agents. We are a marketing machine designed to share the stories of homes across our footprint.  Call us 707.580.3499 or send us a message online through our website or by connecting with us on social media. We are local and most likely one of us is close to your neighborhood. 

Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley Master Association is an enchanting community on the outskirts of Fairfield, California. Situated within minutes of the world-famous Napa and Sonoma wine region, neighbor to two of Solano County’s best golf courses – Rancho Solano and Paradise Valley – and surrounded by many beautifully landscaped parks.

Living within Paradise Valley Master Association offers a vast array of amenities, activities and services within your reach. You can see all things nearby by visiting the map to the right.

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