The Ultimate Moving checklist

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When it comes to moving there are so many things to do that it’s easy to forget a few. Here is a checklist that is easy to follow, simply check the box in each category upon completion. We hope it helps make your move go smoothly!

→ 30 to 15 Days Before Moving

√ Sell or give anything away you won’t move. Maybe plan a garage sale, or donate items to charity.

√ Make a list of everything to be moved.

√ Call several movers for estimates.

√ Consider insurance on movables.

√ Estimate packing cartons needed and purchase them.

√ Gather and store dental, medical and pet’s veterinary records. Ask for a professional referral for a new doctor, dentist and veterinarian.

√ Pick up Change of Address Moving Kit from the Post Office.

√ Send out change-of-address cards, especially to old and new neighborhood post offices.

√ Contact children’s school and have transcripts forwarded.

√ For tax purposes, keep a record of all moving expenses and keep receipts of any items you donate to charity.

√Arrange for disconnection of utilities and re-connection at new location.

→ 14 Days Before Moving

√ Pack one room at a time and label all boxes as to what’s in them and the room in your new house they should go to.

√ Label furniture as to the room it should go to.
Make sure you return items you’ve borrowed from library and friends.

√Resign memberships to clubs.

√ Arrange the cancellation of newspaper and other home deliveries.

√ Ask bank to release safe deposit box and transfer account to new bank.

√ Arrange for cash, traveler’s checks, or certified checks. (Movers usually require cash or certified check.)

√ Drain gas from your lawn mower and dispose of flammable items.

√ Arrange to have your phone disconnected.

√ Transfer your insurance so you will be covered at your new home.

→ Day Before Moving

√ Prepare a first aid kit for your trip. Include your daily medical needs.

√ Pack a suitcase you can live out of, if necessary, for the first three days in your new home.

√ Empty and defrost refrigerator and freezer and let them air dry for a day. Deodorize large appliances with baking soda or coffee.

√ Remember to leave the keys to your old property with your real estate…
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